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Marc Daniel

DH2013 Local Board, Professor
Marseille (FR)
Marc Daniel received his diploma of Engineer at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique (Ecole Centrale Marseille) in computer science option in 1980. He defended his PHD, « Modélisation de courbes et surfaces par des B-splines. Application à la conception et à la visualisation de formes » at University of Nantes in 1989. Then he received his Habilitation, « Contribution à la modélisation de courbes et surfaces pour la Conception Assistée par Ordinateur », University of Nantes in 1997. He his full professor of computer sciences at Aix-Marseille University still 1999, and teachs computer sciences at Polytech Marseille, post-graduate school of Engineers.
His research is done in Laboratoire des Sciences de l’Information et des Systèmes, UMR CNRS 7296. It deals with geometric modeling and curves and surfaces, a field of research included in the more general numerical imagis field.
He his the head of G-Mod (Geometric-Modeling) team, gathering 7 senior researchers and 8 PHD students.
Three main axis are currently studied:
• Mesh improvement : decimation, noise reduction, hole filling
• Study of discrete curvatures which aims at defining discrete operators, relevant to study a set of points or a mesh in terms of curvatures.
• Reconstruction of object, by continous or discrete surfaces.