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[Art & Creativity] Raffaello Madonna of the Goldfinch

Abstract :
Raphael spent the years between 1504 and 1508 in Florence. At the time Leonardo, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Perugino, Andrea della Robbia, Fra’ Bartolomeo and Andrea del Sarto would meet in the streets of the city; it was a golden era and its cultural legacy is part of our heritage.
The Madonna of the Goldfinch was painted around 1506 for the wedding of the wealthy Florentine merchant Lorenzo Nasi.
The aim of the “Chamera di percezione” is to amplify the perception of the work of art by triggering an experiential relationship. The high definition combined with the macro optics used in the filming make it possible to see the tiniest details from close-up while maintaining the definition. In this way the general public can admire the work from a vantage point that is normally the prerogative of the restorers.

Project Authors :
Perla Gianni Falvo, perlagianni@studiuniti.191.it

Institutions involved :
Studi Uniti ADI&IDEA Member, ITALY – link