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[DigitalHeritage at work] Artifactvis 2

Abstract :
ArtifactVis2 is a stereoscopic research and training environment for archaeologists. This application enables the management and visualization of diverse types of cultural datasets within a collaborative virtual 3D system. The archaeologist is fully immersed in a large-scale visualization of on-going excavations. Massive 3D datasets are seamlessly rendered in real-time with field recorded GIS data, 3D artefact scans and digital photography. Dynamic content can be visualized and cultural analytics can be performed on archaeological datasets collected through a rigorous digital archaeological methodology. The virtual collaborative environment provides a menu driven query system and the ability to annotate, markup, measure, and manipulate any of the datasets.

Project Authors :
Neil G. Smith, neil.smith@kaust.edu.sa
Kyle Knabb, kknabb@ucsd.edu
Connor DeFanti cdefanti@caltech.edu
Philip Weber pweber@ucsd.edu
Jurgen Schulze jschulze@ucsd.edu
Andrew Prudhomme aprudhomme@ucsd.edu
Falko Kuester fkuester@ucsd.edu
Thomas E. Levy, tlevy@ucsd.edu
Thomas A. Defanit, tdefanti@soe.ucsd.edu

Institutions involved :
King Abdullah University of Science And Technology, SAUDI ARABIA, link
University of California, USA, link