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[Multivision] Facsimile

Abstract :
The movie « Facsimilé » was recorded in the general framework of a didactic and research project involving engineer-students.
The Tablet of Idalion, an antique bronze (480-470 BC) found around 1850 in the antique city of Idalion in Cyprus is the main purpose of the movie. The tablet, an antique bronze « i-Pad » is the property of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF) since 1862, and is absent from collections of the Idalion Museum (Cyprus). Our final goal was to realise an accurate copy of the Tablet (scale 1, with no patina) as a donation to the Mayor of Dali on behalf of the « Local History Society – Kypros ». As the Tablet has an important cultural and historical value (story of writing and much more), we were not allowed to handle it directly neither to realise a mould by physical contact. Therefore, we used 3D digitization to create a virtual and accurate replica of the tablet shape.

Project Authors :
Patrick Callet, MAS, patrick.callet@ecp.fr
François-Xavier de Contencin, LGI, francois-xavier.de-contencin@ecp.fr
Anna Zymla, LGPM, anna.zymla@ecp.fr
Philippe Denizet, AAVEC, philippe.denizet@ecp.fr
Kyprianos Kountouris, Local Historical Society – Kypros, Cyprus d.kyprianos@gmail.com

Institutions involved :
Ecole Centrale Paris, lab. MAS, FRANCE, link
Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Cabinet des Monnaies, médailles et antiques, FRANCE, link
Centre Technique des Industries de la Fonderie, FRANCE, link
Archaeological Museum, Dali, CYPRUS, link
Local Historical Society – CYPRUS, link

Link :