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[Multivision] Giza (by Virtualware)

Abstract :
The project presents a virtual recreation of the archaeological complex of Giza. It is aimed at developing and implementing various media and interactive solutions, oriented to visitors entertainment, with the further goal of crowd control inside the historical site.
Thanks to the versatility and easy adaptation to different media and devices offered by virtual reality technology, the proposed solution is designed to fits the following customer needs: interactive application enabling real-time control (with automatic camera, and orbital street, in different historical phases), manipulated from touch screens, interactive totems, joystick, etc..
At DigitalHeritage Expo a high resolution 3D video is presented. The history of the monument through its reconstruction is presented (Giza construction, wake sleep, rediscovery by Europeans Napoleon, Nowadays)

Project Authors :
Jon Arambarri, jarambarri@virtualwaregroup.com
Unai Baeza, ubaeza@virtualwaregroup.com

Institutions involved :
Virtualware & Virtualware Labs, SPAIN, link