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Abstract :
MARQ – the Provincial Archaeology Museum of Alicante -, together with the Fundación de la C.V. MARQ and various local archaeological museums have spent a number of years developing a project to create virtual reconstructions to highlight and enhance some of the most emblematic archaeological sites in the province. This project is funded by the Fundación de la C.V. MARQ, as part of its annual programme of temporary exhibitions – Local Museums in MARQ. It has enabled the swift and adaptable creation of a series of audiovisual displays, which can be used by each of the participating museums to showcase their sites, in a cost effective way which would have been otherwise impossible.

Project Authors :
Manuel H. Olcina Domenech, molcina@diputacioalicante.es
Jorge A. Soler Diaz jsolerd@diputacionalicante.es
Jose Luis Menéndez Fueyo jmenende@diputacionalicante.es

Institutions involved :
Museo Arqueologico de Alicante (MARQ), SPAIN, link
Museu d’Historia de Calp, SPAIN, link
Museo Arqueologico Municipal, SPAIN, link
Vilamuseu. Museo Arquelogico de La Vila Joiosa, SPAIN, link
Museo del Mar. SPAIN, link