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[Multivision] Siracusa 3d

Abstract :
This virtual archaeology project, undertaken by a team of scholars of the IBAM-CNR and The Arcadia University – TCGS, is aimed to the digital reconstruction of Ortigia, the core district of the Greek Syracuse, and to produce a 3D documentary, ‘Siracusa 3D Reborn’, that represents an original advance in the knowledge of the Greek background of the city.
In this perspective, we have chosen to produce ‘passive’ tools embedded with communicational and emotional components that did not affected the scientific accuracy with which the reconstructive process has been carried out. Therefore, the visitor can learn about peculiar architectural and urban features of the Greek city, without disregarding those historical characters who played ‘key roles’ in the diffusion of Greek culture in the Mediterranean. Main monuments of Ortigia are described and analyzed in the context of a full 3D stereoscopic representation employing techniques of modern cinema industry for explaining its historical and archaeological characteristics.

Project Authors :
Francesco Gabellone, f.gabellone@ibam.cnr.it
Davide Tanasi, tanasid@arcadia.edu
Ferrari Ivan, if.ivan@libero.it

Institutions involved :