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[Virtual Musems] Smart Architectural Models

Abstract :
The project deals with some experimentations related to the use of digital video projections on architectural mock-up models, aimed at enhancing and promoting architectonic cultural heritage.
A mock-up video projection enable to augment architectural trivial and non-trivial models, on various scales and for different purposes. These ways involve digital video projectors and architectural scaled models to create light exhibits without the use of mobile or through screen devices.
The goal of the project ultimately is to test new communication styles, through the creation of interactive exhibits aimed at narrating the history of palaces and churches, located in the historical center of Ascoli Piceno (Italy). The story is developed as a video and it is projected on mock-ups of the buildings.

Project Authors :
Daniele Rossi, daniele.rossi@unicam.it

Institutions involved :
School of Architecture and Design “E. Vittoria”, University of Camerino, ITALY, link