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[Virtual Musems] Tangible geographical interface

Abstract :
A map with a large model of the landscape, showing the Jostedal Glacier National Park in Norway, appears on a screen. Two consoles in front of it wait for users to interact with this landscape. This is the scenario of use of “Tangible Geographical Interface”, an application aimed at enabling groups of visitors to explore the glacier park and its surroundings together. They can have information on geological wonders, the flora, fauna, the historical and archaeological sites or the “must-to-see” places, by choosing a tangible “information-pucks” and placing it on one of the console. When a “puck” is on a console, the map dynamically is altered and various location based information on a given subject, is projected in front of the users.

Project Authors :
Nils Wiberg, nils@gagarin.is
Hringur Hafssteinsson, hringur@gagarin.is
Samuel Jonasson, sammi@gagarin.is

Institutions involved :
Gagarin ehf, ISLAND, link