Agnes Kirchhoff

BGBM Freie Universitaet Berlin
Scientific Assistant at the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum in Berlin-Dahlem, in the field of biodiversity informatics.   Recent projects relevant for this discussion include the reBiND project (http://rebind.bgbm.org) to rescue legacy databases.  An information specialist, Ms. Kirchhoff has expertise in Cybertaxonomy, database creation for the living collection of the Berlin Botanic Garden, Biological and landscape-planning surveys, and vegetation for 3D visualization projects.  A recent paper of particular connection with this Panel is Güntsch, A., Fichtmüller, D., Kirchhoff, A. & Berendsohn, W. G. 2012: Efficient rescue of threatened biodiversity data using reBiND workflows. Plant Biosystems, 146(4): 752-755.

My Speakers Sessions

Tuesday, October 29

2:00pm CET