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Martin Schaich

ArcTron 3D Ltd.
Director, Archaeologist, 3D Surveying Specialist for Heritage Documenation & Photogrammetry
located in Germany, operating worldwide
Our passion lies in the high-precision 3D heritage documentation. Objects from smallest artefacts to complete architectural monuments and large terrain sections are being recorded in 3D with different laserscanning systems in the most rapid, efficient and cost-effective way. The 3D data from airborne, terrestrial and mobile laser scanning is being specifically processed and photorealistically textured. The result is a perfect digital 3D model. All in-house services include: -3D surveying -3D modeling -photorealistic 3D texturing -3D digital reconstruction -3D reproduction & model building -professional realization of diverse multimedia projects for museums and exhibitors -3D presentation (multimedia content like animation films & graphics, virtual reality, multimedia installations) -3D software development 3D models from digital image series The software aSPECT3D enables every user to generate 3D point clouds of an object from digital image series. This process requires nothing but a commercially available digital camera. The user needs to document the object with a large number of images from various perspectives. From these pictures, aSPECT3D computes the 3D point cloud, which can be scaled and transformed into the desired coordinate system. For that, you can combine and correlate point clouds with data of other survey systems (e.g. a simple length measurement, total station, GPS, 3D laser scanner, 3D structured light scanner). Furthermore, aSPECT3D offers various functions for triangulation and texturing of recorded objects. Find out more at www.aspect3d-software.com Setting high value on research projects Currently we are teaming up with a group of Universities and specialist for the EU-funded research project "3D PITOTI – New Technologies for Rock Art Research". http://www.arctron.de/en/about_arctron/news/news_archiv/news_2012/

My Speakers Sessions

Monday, October 28

2:00pm CET

Friday, November 1

11:20am CET