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Nikon Metrology offers metrology solutions for applications ranging from inspection of micro-components to the assembly of the largest aircrafts. The optical precision solutions contribute to an efficient manufacturing process enabling manufacturers to deliver premium quality products in a shorter time. The portfolio comprises CMMs, 3D laser scanners, X-ray and CT systems, large-scale metrology solutions and an extended range of vision measuring systems and industrial microscopes.

In the field of Cultural Heritage, Nikon Metrology offers the Archaeology iSpace drawing system.  It is an industrially-proven metrology system which uses a patented laser technology to quickly make very accurate point measurements, using hand-held probes, within a large working area (up to 40 points per second, with sub-millimetre accuracy, in a 40mx40m area). Nikon's own drawing software, designed by archaeologists, turns these points into 3D excavation drawings which are already attributed and labelled, multi-layered and CAD-compliant.  Trials and customer reports show that Archaeology iSpace can save up to 90% of drawing time and as much as 80% of post-processing of the data.  Whether you are looking for increased efficiency in research excavations or reduced costs in commercial excavations come and talk to us about Archaeology iSpace.

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